What is co-creation?

The essence of co-creation lies in collaboration. By co-creating, our experts assist you in the often highly technical development of the final product. The earlier we can offer support in the design process, the closer we can stay to your idea. For this reason, each design choice is considered in consultation with the right expert, ensuring that we only put successful products on the market.

How does a co-creation process work at G. Desmet?

G. Desmet has long been an expert in innovative bentwood and felt solutions. On several occasions, teamwork and co-creation have proven to be a sure way for bringing innovative products to market in a cost-effective manner.

1. You have an idea, sketch or prototype

Whatever bent part you have in mind, we welcome all ideas. As a manufacturer, we have endless respect for your design. Taking into account the technical possibilities, we try to do justice to your concept as much as possible during the development process.

2. Reverse engineering and parametric 3D models

After you explain your idea, we help you with modelling your design in a 3D model. If a prototype is already available, we scan it with our 3D scanner and reverse engineer it. We convert your physical prototype into a digital model using our high-end Siemens NX software package. Because the customer is involved in this process, we consider the right thickness, radius, depth, constraints, materials, cost, maximum deformability and other parameters from the very beginning.

3. High-end CAD/CAM package Siemens NX

We are passionate about advanced surfacing. Smooth, challenging and organic shapes are developed in our high-end Siemens NX CAD/CAM package. The software is very flexible and virtually shapes each component in a 3D model. By building the 3D model parametrically, our customers can quickly evaluate their product aesthetically, after which we make changes to create the best possible version. 

Siemens NX also controls our CNC machines. We validate the production process before the jig or moulds are released using virtual simulation. This means that we can avoid potential issues in the production process, ensuring that it is as flawless as possible.

4. Physical evaluation

We often develop an ergonomic model to improve the seating comfort of some products. We physically test the seating comfort, adjust it if necessary and scan it again. This way of working makes us very flexible to make changes. 

5. Adjust, adapt, optimise

What if the product we have developed turns out to be not quite to your liking after all? With our flexible software, we can easily make changes to the 3D model in Siemens NX. This ensures that we end up with a product that fully matches the customer's vision. All changes are managed in our data management system (PLM) to ensure we have a great chronological overview of the entire development process.

Efficient and progressive development process

By focusing fully on co-creation, you can rely on strong teamwork during a partnership with G. Desmet. Thanks to the experience of our highly trained staff combined with our high-end software, we fully put our know-how and materials expertise into your final product. This ensures that we achieve the best result together and offer a cost-efficient development process.

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