Shaped warmth

To manufacture curved felt products, we purchase recycled felt mats. These felt mats are cut fully automatically according to our customer's product and then heated in an oven. To shape the felt product, these heated, cut pieces are pressed and cooled into a specific mold. The waterjet cutting machine ensures that the product is milled. 

PrimaLoft® Bio™ allows us to take our ambitions one step further.

The use of felt upholstery and acoustic felt shows how much you care about sustainability. We exclusively use post-consumer PET felt: 100% recycled felt mats that are heated and melted from recycled PET bottles. We have taken this to the next level by entering into a partnership with PrimaLoft® Bio™: a technology in which felt is broken down into natural components such as water, CO2, methane, biomass and hummus (a basic ingredient of potting soil).


Bureaustoel Vilt
Chairs Felt
Felt tube chair
Delta light
Shell chair Felt
Tabouret Felt
Felt Shell
Drawer Felt
Lounge Felt

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