Warmth and a sense of timelessness for every interior

We reduce a tree trunk to rotary-cut veneer. Subsequently, this is transformed into a number of bonded layers, depending on the customer's product. Then, these bonded layers are pressed into a mold under high pressure to obtain the desired shape. Our CNC calibres, developed in-house, are capable of milling exceptional contours that fully meet the requirements of your product. The shaped products are subsequently sanded, varnished and assembled. Whether these are complex or ergonomic furniture parts, a piece of furniture that needs to be upholstered, or a unique and eye-catching geometric shape: plywood is a material that provides every interior with a delightful sense of warmth.

Bent plywood with an exceptional aesthetic value

Plywood is a strong product that consists of several layers of wood veneer. The material is suitable for innumerable applications and retains its shape exceptionally well. Because the layers of wood are pressed tightly together, plywood is also a strong material characterised by a long service life. Plywood also has outstanding noise-absorbing properties and can be used to create numerous shapes.


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