Our partnerships come first

Everything starts with an idea, sketch or prototype, which is subsequently scrutinised by our sales, calculation and engineering departments. Not only do we provide you with our input and feedback; we genuine help you realise the perfect design for your bent part. Flowing curves, organic shapes and suitable materials: together, we will arrive at interesting opportunities for your product. We understand that everything boils down to an attractive, technically correct, complete and – above all – cost-effective finished product for you to put on the market.

familie 4 generaties

Based on the experience of 4 generations

Bring your idea to life with the help of our team and opt for outstanding quality that lasts and long-term service.

Siemens nx software

High-end software and flexibility

Thanks to our innovative software package, you can be assured of flexibility during every step of the process.

Box for shipping G-Desmet

A full-service company

Following a design process in which interaction between all parties involved is one of the key factors, we will set to work in our workshop on perfecting your finished product with the greatest care.

High-end software and technologies complete the co-creation process

In order to bring your idea into practice as efficiently as possible, we make use of a progressive and smart CAD/CAM package: Siemens NX. In this software, reverse engineering, tool design, programming and simulation are included as a standard. We also have a unique 3D measuring system at our disposal that considerably accelerates our development procedure. Thanks to our fully parametric approach and our close communication with our customers, all the designs we deliver are flexible enough for post-production adjustments. This flexibility ensures a fast and efficient design and production process.

How about giving your idea shape together?