Leander kinderbed, Leander Kinderbett, Lit d'enfant Leander, Leander cot

In this way Stig Leander approached G.Desmet for the production of the Leander bed. A plain and simple design in the aesthetic sense, but on the other hand it is a technical challenge to be produced. The Danish company can look back on an nice organic growth, which is typical for the founder Stig Leander.

Always been a dreamer,  hedonist, globetrotter and master craftsman.

When he was 28,  he decided to settle down. At that time his sister in law was expecting twins and he wanted to help her. Along the process he was guided by practical considerations: How can I change a complex situation into a more comfortable one? He made a prototype of a cradle, meant for the twins. The cradle was well received by friends and acquaintances. The demand for the newly designed cradle was greater than expected and in this way the company Leander was born.  First the cradle was sold only in Denmark, but very quickly there was a demand to distribute it abroad as well.

Shaping the furniture around the child

Clear stylistic idiom, awareness of materials, designed in function of the child: these are the most important characteristics of each Leander product. In this way the product line of the cradle evolved to the next step of a newly born: the baby bed.

Sustainability and quality awareness are embedded in the Danish genes and in this design.  The bed grows with the child until the age of eight.  One of the remarkable things about this design is, that Stig does not design by computer, but as he states himself   “he puts it together by hand”.  He literally builds his model out of cardboard, string and some wood.  The same method was applied for the Leander Baby Bed.  It took less than a day to finish the first drafts and create the basic concept.

The basic idea was an organic cocoon where the baby feels safe and secure.

A pure clear form that,  due to sophisticated cutting lines, makes it possible to transform the bed. It follows the growth of the child from newborn baby until schoolchild.

A supplier who shares the same values

At Leander, sustainability and responsibilty are given a special place and that is why working with a supplier who shares the same objectives is important for them. Kindred spirits only guarantee that the final product meets the expectations of both parties. As a consequence Stig Leander approached G.Desmet.

G.Desmet was the perfect supplier for all plywood furniture.

In this way a long-term cooperation has been started, and as a result G.Desmet has been assigned with the manufacturing of other products such as the nappy-changing tables and the high chair.

Source: "DesignX50", published by Uitgeverij Lannoo