The people behind G.Desmet: Karel, Toolshop


Karel Decoodt (39)  is a passionate sculptur.  "As a mouldmaker,  I have made my hobby to my profession at G.Desmet.  I love my craft and this is expressed clearly at G.Desmet. By my craft I guarantee quality.”

After his education at the secondary technical school,  he graduated as Bachelor in Wood Technology at the University College Ghent.

At G.Desmet he had been working in the office for ten years. “I was responsible for the coordination of projects, price calculation and sample orders.  Another ten years at the office was not my kind of dream job. So when the company was looking for a new CNC machine operator,  I applied and changed job."

“I turned my hobby into my profession”

"Seven years later, I switched to another job again.  Now I am a Jack of all trades within the company.  I manufacture prototypes of new designs and compression moulds.  That is totally different from the CNC work that I used to do in my previous job.   Thanks to my experience with CNC machines, I know what these machines can do and what they cannot do.  There is a lot of stress however, because very often things are needed on a very short timescale."

Next to craftsmanship and quality awareness flexibility is very important for Karel.  “I depend on the wishes and demands of my colleagues and customers.  If production wants to start producing with a new tool at six o’clock, I  often start preparing everything at five o’clock."

Source: "Hout vasthouden mag!"