The people behind G.Desmet: Fréderic, Technical Support


Fréderic De Poorter (23) is a Bachelor of Industrial Design. Instead of  continuing his studies to do his Master’s degree, he has accepted a more interesting offer. “I was working on my final thesis in a furniture factory, that was collaborating with G.Desmet and right after my graduation, I could start working here."

"I drew “the shells” of the compressed veneer layers,  in other words the shape of the chair. At school we were using  the same software, Siemens NX. There we were able to learn all about its features and functions. Nowadays I limit myself to one thing, that I know thoroughly."

“Always anxious to see the final results”

Working in the wood sector industry had not been Frederic’s dream at first. “At secondary school  I opted for visual arts.  At school I was working with wood and at home with metal.
In fact I am interested in anything and everything. The first thing that counts here, is the technical expertise to transform a concept into a  final product. The details are extremely important."

"For example if you want to upholster a chair, there are a lot of things you have to consider. In the case in question you have to make sure that there are no sharp edges, as this could cause the fabric to tear. Monitoring a design from the beginning until the very end and doing everything yourself is very interesting. I did that too, when I was working on my final thesis: a lounge chair, which takes a place of honour in my sitting room now!”

Source: Hout vasthouden mag!