G.Desmet was selected for DesignX50 edition 2015


From Paris to Montreal and from Switzerland to Denmark: design from West Flanders has become known internationally.  There are manufacturers , product developers, designers and creative artists, who are world class.

The book "DesignX50", published by Lannoo, is a platform telling us the success story of companies such as Barco and Verilin.  The book presents fifty products and cases from the region, which have received a DX50 label because of their innovative techniques, new ways of thinking and daring designs.

The fifth edition of DX50 has alo been increased by six international top stories: stories, that inspire, capture our imagination and invite us to continue exploring West Flanders.

G.Desmet is pleased to be part of this project.

Source:  "DesignX50,  published by Uitgeverij Lannoo"