Massive wood Chair

Passionate designers

G. Desmet puts your ideas into practice with the requisite expertise, pride and passion. Our colleagues are passionate designers with love and respect for the materials they use. As bending plywood, felt and solid wood is a complex procedure, we enjoy brainstorming with our customers to ensure that the products we create perfectly fit their requirements. Briefly put, we are the ideal partner for manufacturers and designers who wish to turn their challenging projects into concrete products.

An innovative and unique working method

Thanks to our progressive and smart software, our customers can be assured of a flexible, fast and efficient design and production process. Our many years of experience in bending solid wood, plywood and felt has led to the in-house development of the dies and CNC calibres we use to shape your bent parts. The result: creative, unique and beautifully finished products, every time!

biodegradeerbaar vilt

Ecological materials

We deliberately select sustainable and progressive materials when we set to work on your product. The wood we use is partly FSC certified and we use recycled felt. We take it even one step further by opting for the biodegradable alternative PrimaLoft® Bio™. In addition, we aim to produce as little waste as possible and endeavour to reuse as much as we can to actively contribute to a greener planet.

How about giving your idea shape together?